Almost every homeowner faces the problem of water accumulation in the outdoor area. At DK Sprinklers, we have the expertise and experience to deal with all sorts of minor and major drainage problems. Whether your problem is related to a recent rainfall or simply water standing in your driveway, our technicians are there to help you.

We use high quality products to provide resilient drainage solutions to all our clients in Katy, Richmond and Sugar Land, TX.

The drainage services offered by DK Sprinklers include:

Installation: This is the most crucial element of a properly functioning drainage system. Our technicians are efficient in the installation of a wide variety of drain types. We will analyze your property and design a drainage plan accordingly. Once it has been finalized, we will start working on it. During the process, we will make sure that the water is kept away from the flower beds and vegetation.

Inspection: We will inspect your drainage system to look for any blockage that may be causing the problem. Our technicians will check the sprinklers system to determine if the water is sprinkled excessively or accurately.

We understand the each home has a unique drainage problem. Thus, we offer customized solutions that can efficiently accommodate your individual needs. We employ the most advanced tools and equipment to solve your drainage issue as quickly as possible. Our team of experts is committed to handling the task from beginning to end. We also provide comprehensive drainage solutions including French drains, dry well installation and repair, catch basin or grates, trench drains and subsurface drainage systems.

For more information on the drainage solutions provided by DK Sprinklers, call at (281) 794 - 4891