Common Lawn Sprinkler Problems

Apr 25 2015

To ensure that your lawn is well hydrated and green this summer, you need to have functioning lawn sprinklers. However, sprinklers can develop issues that interfere in their functioning and affect its performance. You will need to identify these issues and address them in time to have a healthy and green lawn.

Here are some common lawn sprinkler problems:

  • Problems with sprinkler heads: It is one of the most common problems with sprinklers. The sprinkler heads seize to work probably due to cracks in the heads, which may occur due to being hit by lawnmowers, snow blowers, snow shovels and other heavy equipment. If broken, the heads need to be replaced, although if it is not broken, then may be it has clogged with debris or dirt and will need to be cleaned.
  • Irregular watering: If your lawn appears brown and dry in patches, it implies that the lawn is not watered evenly and there is a problem with your sprinklers. It may occur if the sprinklers are not able to rotate completely because they are jammed, broken or blocked. You should also make sure that the heads are clean and watering is continuous. Uneven watering may also be caused due to incorrect sprinkler height; the sprinkler head is either too low or incorrectly spaced. When there is huge gap between the sprinklers a portion of your lawn will not receive enough water. 
  • Broken pipes or leakages: Any leakages in the pipes may damage the entire landscape and lead to over watering of the lawn. This will also increase your water bill, so you need to fix this issue as soon as possible. Leakages may result due to loose connections in the sprinkler heads or other parts of the system and broken pipes. You need to tighten the connections and replace any damaged pipes and fittings. You can also consider hiring a professional sprinkler system provider and repair company to inspect your fittings on regular basis and repair any leakages.
  • Low water pressure: If your sprinklers heads do not pop up, the reason may be low water pressure. You should check the valves and ensure that they are fully open. Low pressure may also be due to leakages, broken or crushed pipes. You should contact a professional to sprcarry out the repairs rather than fixing it on your own to avoid further complications.
  • Backflow: The backflow of the water in the pipes is another problem that affects the working of sprinklers. You must use a backflow preventer such as atmospheric vacuum breaker to avoid backflow.
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