Backyard Lighting: Types And Benefits

May 02 2015

Outdoor lighting is essential because of its functionality and aesthetic appeal. By having proper lighting in your backyard, you can display your landscape, highlight certain areas of aesthetic importance, use the well-lit backyard for a party or barbeque at night and increase the safety of your house.

Types of backyard lighting.

Homeowners have different choices and like to have different types of backyard lighting depending upon their needs or the electrical fittings available in their yard. You can select outdoor lights in different materials, styles and designs, depending on your personal choice, home décor and budget. Depending upon the ease of installation, the two types of backyard lighting often preferred by people include solar lighting and low-voltage lighting.

Solar lighting: It does not need electricity, as it gets its energy from sunlight and charges the batteries. It is an economical option that helps you save on your energy bills. For effective recharging, you need to install solar lighting in sunny areas.

Low-voltage lights: Another type of backyard lighting is low-voltage lighting that requires minimal wiring and is connected to an outdoor outlet with transformer. By using energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lights, you can save energy and have control over the consumption. For effective results, you can choose from a range of styles such as up lights, down lights, path lights and back lights, which focus on different parts of the yard.

Benefits of backyard lighting

Enhances appearance: One of the benefits of backyard lighting is increase in the home’s appearance. With lighting, you can make your backyard lit-up at night and highlight some of the unique architectural features of your home. It illuminates the yard and boosts the curb appeal.

Increase functionality: Proper lighting increases the functionality of the yard. With floodlights, you can light up your patio and other areas of the yard to use it for family events and parties, even after sunset.

Boost security: Backyard lighting is beneficial from security point of view. Well-lit homes are less vulnerable to crime, burglary and vandalism. By illuminating the entrance points such as windows and doors, you can make your home safe from any illegal activity. By lighting the outdoor areas such as pathways, stairs, driveway and walkways, you can also avoid any accidents and injuries.

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