Sprinkler System Repair Services In Richmond, TX

May 19 2015

Making sure that your lawn is watered timely and adequately is crucial to keep the grass healthy. For this, you must install and maintain your lawn sprinkler. However, as with every other mechanical equipment, your sprinkler system is also likely to experience glitches over time. There may be several causes for these, either minor or major, that must be identified and repaired to maintain your lawn’s lush green appearance.

Give here are some of the common problems that may come up in a sprinkler system:

  • Uneven Watering: If you begin to see dry/wet spots or brown patches in your lawn, this may be an indication that your sprinkler system is watering unevenly. One of the major reasons for this could be the equipment is installed at an incorrect height. If the sprinkler head if too low, it may not be able to rise itself enough to water the grass properly. Uneven watering may also be a cause of inappropriate spacing between sprinkler heads. 
  • Blocked Or Broken Sprinkler Head: If your sprinkler head gets broken or blocked, it could cause uneven, reduced or no watering in one or more parts of your lawn. The easiest way to detect this problem is when you start to see unequal dry/wet patches or blotches of water around the sprinkler head. It could occur because of varied reasons, the head could be damaged by a lawn mower, blocked due to mud, jammed due to infrequent use or had been installed loosely.  
  • Low Water Pressure: If you notice that your sprinkler system sprays a less amount of water or the heads do not come up after you turn the system on, there may be a problem with the water pressure. This could be a result of a fault in the valve, broken pipe or an improperly functioning sprinkler system pump.
  • Damaged Pipes: The PVC pipes used in the sprinkler system can also get broken or cracked due to accidents with gardening equipment. The most common sign to identify this problem is a gradual fall in pressure or puddles of water in the areas from where the pipes pass.

We, at DK Sprinklers, provide complete repair services for all types of sprinkler systems in Richmond, TX. We specialize in troubleshooting Rain Bird and Skydrop sprinkler products. For more information, you can call us at (281) 794 - 4891 or visit our office at 7338 Windy Port Lane, Richmond, TX 77407