Advantages Of Skydrop Sprinkler Control Systems

May 27 2015

The most common reason for the garden plants and lawn grass to get destroyed is over or under watering. You might have set your sprinkler system to operate at a certain time of the day. However, what rain begins to fall unexpectedly and you are not at home? Even though the lawn is already being watered, the sprinklers would automatically activate resulting in wastage of water and the plants getting more water than they actually require.

The Skydrop sprinkler control system can put an end to this problem. The smart and innovative device can help you make substantial savings on your lawn maintenance and water bills. It uses Wi-Fi technology to monitor the working of the sprinklers systems installed in your lawn. The device keeps updating itself with the local weather forecast regarding the possibility of rainfall to adjust the garden’s watering schedules accordingly. It also evaluates the level of moisture in the soil to make sure that it is always sufficiently hydrated.  

Benefits Of Skydrop Sprinkler Control Systems

  • Easy To Set Up And Use: The Skydrop sprinkler control system is very easy to install and use. You just have to mount the device to the wall with the 4 screws provided and slide the wires into the appropriate slots in the controller, snap it into the wall plate and plug in the power adapter. The entire process takes approximately less than 10 minutes.
  • Helps To Reduce Water Consumption: It helps you save the most precious resource on the earth, i.e. water. The Skydrop sprinkler controller assesses the exact amount of moisture your lawn is losing daily and sets the watering schedule accordingly. This will help you save water and ensure that your grass always maintains and optimum level of moisture it needs to stay healthy. 
  • Personalized Settings: You can easily alter the watering schedules and other settings as per your convenience. The device can be managed through the LCD touch screen and jog dial, your web browser or an Android/iOS app. As Skydrop sprinkler control system operates on Wi-Fi, you can alter its settings any time from any place. 
  • Connects To Existing Sprinkler Systems: You do not need to replace your existing sprinklers or irrigation system to use the Skydrop controller. The device can be easily connected to any type of sprinklers you may have in your lawn.
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