Skydrop Sprinkler Control Systems In Sugar Land, TX

Jul 21 2015

Automatic sprinkler systems are a good option to avoid the hassle of manually turning the irrigation system on and check for even watering.  Skydrop sprinkler control system is a smart watering technology that automatically adjusts the irrigating schedules based on current weather conditions and moisture levels in the grass. 

About Skydrop Sprinkler Control System

Skydrop is an innovative device aimed at reducing wasteful watering on lawn maintenance, thus, helping to save on utility bills. It uses Wi-Fi technology to automatically sense local weather forecast and adjust the watering schedules accordingly. The system adjusts when and how your sprinklers should be turned on for the lawn grass to remain sufficiently hydrated. 

Benefits Of Skydrop Sprinkler Control System

  • Quick Installation: The installation and setup of a Skydrop sprinklers control system is quick and easy. It is mounted to a wall with the help of four screws provided with the system. After this, the valve wires slide into their respective slots. After snapping the main unit against the wall plate and turning the power adapter on, the Skydrop sprinkler control system is ready to use.
  • Easy To Use Interface: The device has an easy to use interface and is convenient to adjust its settings. You can either regulate it through the jog dial or through the LCD touch screen. Skydrop sprinkler control system can also be managed through your web browser or smartphone, by installing an Android/iOS app. As the device works on Wi-Fi, its settings can be easily altered from anywhere.
  • Interprets Real-Time Weather Data: When connected with the cloud, Skydrop controller assesses the local, real-time weather data to analyze the watering needs of your lawn. It determines the amount of water actually needed by the grass, calculating the amount of water lost each day.
  • Works With Existing Sprinkler Systems: With a Skydrop control system, you do not need to replace your existing sprinklers. The device can be easily connected to all types of sprinkler systems that maybe installed in your lawn.

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