Drainage Systems In Sugar land, TX

Jul 28 2015

Drainage system is essential to keep the vegetation, shrubs, grass and landscape protected from damage due to excessive water accumulation. A properly functioning drainage system can prevent issues such as unhealthy foundation, soggy lawns, soil erosion, dying or rotting plants and an unappealing courtyard. 

Why Is Drainage System Important?

Drainage systems are an important investment towards maintaining the health of your lawn and enhancing the beauty of the outdoor area. With an efficiently installed drainage solution the garden, driveway, sidewalk are not waterlogged and it prevents major structural damage to the home’s foundation. 

Types Of Drainage Systems

Some of the different types of drainage systems that you can consider installing in your courtyard are:

  • Surface Drains: These drains are designed to redirect water in a direction opposite to the landscape, garden, driveways etc. to prevent flooding issues. The water is collected in gravel filed trench, known as catch basin, which filters all the dirt and debris so that the water can flow through the pipe, without blockage. Surface drainage systems can also be attached to the home reservoirs so that the water can be re-used for watering purposes.
  • Sub Surface Drains: These drains accumulate water from over-drenched garden beds, soil or grass and relocate it to another place. As the water pipes in this system are underground, it can help move water from low lying areas that are prone to water accumulation.
  • French Drains: These are perforated pipes covered in landscaping material. People who have raised planters or flowerbeds in their lawn usually prefer installing French drains. The benefit of these types of drains is that the pipe is separated from the plants and soil. Additionally, the combination of landscape fabric and rock prevents the roots from clogging the drain. 
  • Channel Drains: These drainage systems are installed straight into the concrete as subversive pipes. Channel drains usually have a grate on top of them to avoid getting blocked due to fallen leaves, grass and other debris. Homes with swimming pools often install channel drains to prevent problems of water overflow. 

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