Signs That You Need A Sprinkler Repair

Aug 17 2015

A sprinkler system ensures that the garden is watered on time and in the correct amount. It also helps in reducing water bills and lawn maintenance costs. The sprinkler system takes into account the current as well as predicted weather and waters accordingly. However, it is essential to identify any warning signs that indicate the requirement of a sprinkler repair. This will assist in solving the problem at the earliest and preventing major problems from arising.

Here are some signs which indicate that you need a sprinkler repair:

  • Leaks:  Over watering and puddles are caused due to broken pipes or leakage. This can spoil the lawn, increase water bills and damage the sprinkler system. It is essential to call in a professional to get the sprinkler repaired to avoid deteriorating the health of your lawn.
  • Broken Sprinkler Head: The head can break due to excessive wear and tear or being hit by a heavy equipment such as shovel or lawn mower. It may also get clogged with debris or mud. The sprinkler head should be regularly cleaned and replaced, if broken.
  • Low Pressure: This can be caused due to blockage in the pipes or a broken sprinkler head. You should make sure that the sprinkler is cleaned regularly and the water pressure is stable.  
  • Dry Patches: If the lawn grass seems to dry off or you notice brown patches, it indicates a problem with the sprinklers. You may need to check the sprinkler head and its rotation cycle. A sprinkler installed too low or too high may also lead to dry patches in the lawn.
  • Dripping: If the sprinkler head appears to drip water continuously you should get it repaired. Continuous dripping will lead to over watering eventually and water loss as well.
  • Blockage: If you turn on the valve but the water does not come out, it implies a blockage in the valve due to grass or dirt. To solve the problem, you should clean the valve and replace if necessary.

    You can consider hiring a professional to ensure that the sprinkler system is working fine. We, at DK Sprinklers, can inspect, repair and replace the sprinkler systems to keep your lawn green as well as healthy. For more information, you can call us at (281) 794 – 4891 or visit 7338 Windy Port Lane, Richmond, TX 77407.