Sprinkler System Repair In Katy, TX

Sprinkler System Repair In Katy, TX

Oct 29 2015

Having a properly working sprinkler system is essential to ensure even water distribution in all parts of the lawn and reduce the likelihood of water wastage. You can also have a lush green lawn and increase the curb appeal of your home. However, due to regular usage, sprinklers may develop minor or major problems that can affect your lawn grass.

Here are some of the reasons you may night to hire a professional sprinkler repair company:

Efficient Use Of Water

The sprinkler system should be frequently checked for any leaks or signs of wear and tear. There may be leakages in the underground parts which may not be overtly noticeable, but may significantly hamper the functioning of your sprinkler. It can also upsurge your water consumption while the plants and lawn grass may not receive proper hydration. Thus, it is important to identify any leak and fix it to restore optimal functioning of the system.

Repair Broken Sprinklers

Sprinkler heads may get broken as a result of being struck by edging tools or lawn mower blades. The problem can be detected when you begin to see dry/wet patches of grass or blots of water near the sprinkler. It could either be a minor problem caused due to a loosely fitted valve or something major which may require digging deep the to the sprinkler riser. You may also not be aware about the type of head required for your sprinkler. So, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the repair work.

Upgrading Sprinkler System

When you get your sprinkler repaired, the technician may update you about the more efficient parts that can augment the functionality of your irrigation system. These may include installing water saving equipment or automated sprinklers for efficient watering in the lawn. You may also be able to expand the area covered by your sprinklers. Making small changes in the sprinkler system at frequent intervals can bring about a huge difference in the long run.

Clock Reprogramming

At times, simply reprogramming your sprinkler system’s timer may improve its functioning. They can be made to automatically turn on and off as per requirements or weather conditions. A Skydrop sprinkler control system can also be installed to manage watering times according to the current weather conditions. A professional will analyze the hydration level of your grass to set the watering schedules accordingly.

We, at DK Sprinklers, offer comprehensive sprinkler repair services in Katy, TX. We aim at proper maintenance of the equipment to avoid the problem of wet or dry spots in your lawn. For more information, you can call us at (281) 794 – 4891 or visit our office at 7338 Windy Port Lane, Richmond, TX 77407.