Sprinkler System Water Conservation Tips

Dec 14 2015

An intelligently designed, installed and well-maintained sprinkler system can help save a lot of water. A good sprinkler system can keep your garden beautiful while minimizing the amount of water to be used. You can divide your lawn into various zones to ensure each area receives a specific amount of water. This will help you in programming your sprinkler systems accordingly and avoiding wastage of water.

Following are some sprinkler system water conservation tips:

  • Do not go overboard: Showering water incessantly causes less absorption and most of it just goes down the drains. Instead, you should water your landscape for shorter duration with frequent breaks in-between. This will allow the water to seep in through the ground and minimize wastage.
  • Know the appropriate time for watering: The best time to water your garden is from early morning till 10 a.m. This is the time when the sun is not too bright and the temperatures are much cooler. You can effectively irrigate the plants without wasting the water. On the other hand, watering your garden during afternoon hours leads to water loss because of evaporation and windy conditions. Also, sprinkling water at night can leave the plants wet providing suitable conditions for fungus growth.
  • Adjust the sprinkler head properly: It is imperative that you properly align the head of your sprinkler so as to utilize the water efficiently. Adjust the sprinkler system to water only the plants and not the sidewalks or driveways. Also, the water should be sprayed in the form of large drops instead of a fine steam.
  • Use drip irrigation: You should consider using low volume drip irrigation in non-grassy areas of your garden. This will prevent the wastage of water due to evaporation or overflow. Apart from this, using a drip irrigation system also stops the growth of unwanted weeds.
  • Adjust according to the weather: Always adjust your sprinkler systems according to the changing weather. Nowadays, most of the sprinkler systems are equipped with automatic rain detecting systems which helps in preventing wastage of water.
  • Divide your garden into zones: Various kinds of plants have different watering requirements. It is better to divide your landscape into different irrigation zones and adjust your sprinkler settings accordingly. This will aid in efficient use of water without any wastage.
  • Examine your sprinklers regularly: It is important to keep a regular check on your sprinkler systems to ensure they are working in proper order without any sort of technical problem. Malfunctioning in even a single part can lead to a lot of water wastage and shoot up your utility bills.

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