Lawn Care Tips For Spring

Feb 15 2016

The spring season is a critical time for your lawn because the weather turns erratic and the soil becomes spongy. So, you need to take special care of your lawn and address the issues to ensure green grass. Also, the harsh effects of the winter season, such as altered pH level, compressed soil and weed growth need to be fixed to have a healthy lawn throughout the season.

Below are some important lawn care tips for spring:

  • Raking: Raking is an important step in lawn care for the spring season. It helps in removing dead leaves and also controlling the build-up of thatch. Deeply clean your lawn to get rid of the grass blades that had expired during the winter season. Raking will also remove any grass blades that have stuck together due to snow mold.
  • Control weed growth: Spring is the best time to control weeds by using a good pre-emergent weed controller. It will prevent the weed seeds from germinating, thereby protecting your lawn. The effect of most pre-emergent herbicides lasts only for three months. So, you may need to use them again during the summer season.
  • Liming: The presence of moss plants in the grass increases the overall acidity of your lawn. In order to get a neutral pH for the soil, you should perform liming. The lime can be applied by using a fertilizer spreader. However, if the lawn does not show any signs of acidity, you need not apply lime.
  • Fertilizing: Organic fertilization of the lawn can be done by using compost and mulching mowers. Care should be taken not to use too much fertilizer during the spring season as this may lead to disease and weed problems. 
  • Mowing and watering: Mowing should be done when needed. It is best to cut not more than one-third of a grass blade at one time. Watering is essential as soon as the grass starts growing. Water the lawn according to the moisture level of the grass during the spring season.
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