Water Your Lawn Better With Sprinklers

Feb 26 2016

A well-irrigated lawn looks beautiful and increases the curb appeal of any home. Sprinklers are a great tool to water your lawn efficiently. Periodic maintenance and monitoring of the irrigation system is important to be aware of the amount of water the plants require. This helps in saving water as well as money.

An efficient sprinkler system is the one that disperses large drops of water close to the ground. The different types of lawn sprinkler systems are:

  • Drip system: This is one of the best techniques to irrigate the lawn with minimal wastage of water. Drip system is most effective for clay soils as the water is sprayed slowly thereby preventing runoff.
  • Soaker hoses: Soaker hoses are the best option for watering dense plantings or individual plants. These hoses work by dispersing water along the entire length.
  • Traditional automatic spray system: One of the options available in these systems is pop-up spray heads. They can be adjusted to spray a full circle, quarter circle or half circle of water.
  • Rotor system: More effective than spray heads, rotor systems allow the soil to absorb the water more efficiently.

Lawn sprinklers have numerous advantages to offer. Some of these are listed below:

  • Automatization: You do not have to worry about the timings of watering the plants. The sprinkler can be set according to the requirements of your lawn.
  • Saves time: You can save a lot of time by installing a lawn sprinkler system in your garden. Watering with a hose takes up a lot of time and you need to repeat the process daily. However, with an automatic sprinkler system, you can easily adjust the timings for watering the lawn.
  • Saves water: A well-designed lawn sprinkler system prevents wastage of water because it automatically turns off after completing the process of watering. You can even set your sprinkler to water the garden overnight and take advantage of the cooler temperatures.
  • Customization: Sprinkler systems can be customized according to the shape, size and type of your lawn. Apart from watering the lawn, you can also adjust the sprinkler to water the plants, flowers, trees and hedges. This will also help in conserving your time and energy.
  • Adds to the curb appeal: A sprinkler system adds value to your home and sustains your yard for a longer period of time. This is beneficial when you want to sell off your home.

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