Drought-Resistant Grass For Lawns

Mar 14 2016

Water conservation can be done in numerous ways and one of them is to have drought-resistant grass for your lawns. A drought tolerant lawn will remain green for a longer period of time even when there is little or no water. When choosing a drought-resistant grass, opt for a variety that has the ability to recover itself once it has completely withered away.

Prior to the arrival of drought season, you need to start preparing your lawn. For this, you need to begin with mowing the lawn as this will insulate the soil from evaporation. Secondly, you should stop shallow watering the lawns to force the root systems go deeper into the soil in search of water.

Below is a list of some lawn grass varieties that consume minimal or no water at all. Make sure you determine whether a warm or cool season grass will work best for your location in Texas.
  • Zoysia grass: This grass has the ability to remain green for a longer period of time during extreme summer heat or restrictive water conditions. It can even recover well after the drought season has ended because of the underground runners present in it. It produces a flourishing carpet in a lawn and is a great option for those who have limited access to water in their homes. Examples of Zoysia grass include Palisades, Empire and Toro.
  • Couch grass: This variety of grass is one of the quickest to grow back once it has died due to water restrictions. Just like Zoysia, the Couch also has ample underground runners to support during hard water conditions. They also help the lawn in re-growing once the drought conditions have subsided.
  • St. Augustine grass: Although it is less drought-resistant as compared to some other varieties, St. Augustine can survive in a wide variety of soil types. It creates a smooth turf and grows extremely well even in high temperatures and low moisture. Moreover, it does not require regular mowing and retains its color longer as compared to other warm season grasses.
  • Buffalo grass: This variety includes options such as Palmetto, Matilda and Sapphire etc. There are numerous alternatives and you can pick a variety depending on the environment and conditions where you reside. This is one of the best shade tolerant grasses and it can survive even the harshest of summer conditions. Although this is a warm season grass, it can tolerate the cold weather as well. This grass grows back at a slower pace as compared to other types of drought-resistant grass varieties.
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