Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

Mar 28 2016

Lawn sprinklers are a great innovation that can help conserve water. However, it is crucial to properly maintain the lawn sprinkler systems so that they can function to the best of their capability. There are different kinds of sprinklers and each one of them requires specific maintenance measures to save water as well as money. Below is a list of some useful lawn sprinkler maintenance tips:

  • Maintenance during spring: Before the onset of spring season, the sprinkler system needs to be visually inspected. The control panel needs to be adjusted and a short cycle needs to be run for every zone. During the spring season, grass growth can be seen at the top of the sprinkler heads. It is important to trim the grass on and around the sprinkler head to make sure it functions smoothly.
  • Repair normal wear and tear: Check for broken pipes, clogged or misaligned heads and poor water pressure in the lawn sprinkler system. Repair and replace the damaged components at an early stage to avoid major issues. Get in touch with a lawn sprinkler professional to deal with any problem in an effective manner.
  • Precautions for summer months: Since the lawn sprinkler will be used most of the time during the summer season, it is important that it functions well. Any kind of repairs or adjustments should be done so that you maximize water usage and minimize wastage. Maintenance will also guarantee that you lawn is adequately watered and remains greener throughout the season.
  • Install a rain sensor: Rain sensors automatically switch off the lawn sprinkler once the moisture level reaches a specific amount that has already been set in the system. The sprinkler starts functioning again once the moisture level drops down. Ensure that the rain sensor is mounted in an area where its functioning is not hampered by foliage or debris.
  • Check for spray patterns and leakage: Damage to the sprinkler heads or pipes can cause leakage in the lawn sprinkler systems. So, it is imperative to repair or replace according to the requirements. It is also crucial to note the spray patterns are accurate and the water does not get sprinkled on the pathway or sidewalk. The spray should be clear of any obstructions to work according to the maximum capacity.
  • Maintenance during the winter season: Winterizing an automatic sprinkler system should be done if the sprinkler is installed above the frost line. Any residual water needs to be blown out of the system with the help of an air compressor. After completing the process, disconnect the sprinkler system from the power supply.

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