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Drought-Resistant Grass For Lawns

Water conservation can be done in numerous ways and one of them is to have drought-resistant grass for your lawns. A drought tolerant lawn will remain green for a longer period of time even when there is little or no water. When choosing a drought-resistant grass, opt for a variety that has the ability to recover itself once it has completely withered away.

Sprinkler System Water Conservation Tips

An intelligently designed, installed and well-maintained sprinkler system can help save a lot of water. A good sprinkler system can keep your garden beautiful while minimizing the amount of water to be used. You can divide your lawn into various zones to ensure each area receives a specific amount of water. This will help you in programming your sprinklers accordingly and avoiding wastage of water.

Lawn Care Tips For The Fall: Sprinkler System, Sugar Land TX

Most people think that maintaining a lawn is important only in summer or spring season due to the extensive growth of grass. However, due to the decreased rainfall and loss of moisture from the environment, the fall season calls for even more attention towards the lawn. During this time, the grass absorbs moisture and nutrients to prepare for the dormant winter.